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Welcome to ASM Performing Arts On Line.  Montreal's most highly regarded actor training studio.

  • Read about our classes by clicking on Class Descriptions.
  • Find out which classes are currently being offered by clicking on Upcoming Classes.
  • If you need info on registration, click the How to Register button.
  • If you wish to register, or to put your name on a waiting list, or speak to a real person you can do so in one of three ways:

              1 - Click the Contact ASM button & Send us an eMail at admin@asmstudio.net
              2 - Phone us at 514-358-2829
              3 - Make an appointment & visit the studio during office hours
                   at 1216 Stanley Suite # 300.

  • ASM hosts many cool, creative, fun events.  You can keep up to date by clicking the Upcoming Events tab.
  • Important announcements and other up to the minute ASM news can be obtained by clicking on Announcements.
  • Any other questions you might have will be addressed in the FAQ section.
  • We often receive casting notices for various film and stage projects, you can get that info in the Casting Notices section or check the Casting Bulletin Board at the studio.
  • Check out our Great Links tab where you'll find other cool companies.
  • You can meet many of our students by joining our FaceBook group.

Because it's never too late for a career in acting.

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