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9126 Lajeunesse, Suite 100

514 358 2829.

How much do the classes cost at ASM?

The cost of a class varies depending on the length of time that the class runs. 
Most classes run seven weeks, three hours a week, for a total of 21 hours,
which costs $330 plus tax.
  The Total cost for an seven week class is $372.49

How and when can I register for ASM classes?

You can register anytime as long as there is space left in the class.
It is advisable to register early though, as our classes tend to fill up quickly. 
You can pre-register by phone (514-358-2829) or e-mail at admin@asmstudio.net
or set up an appointment to come in and see us at the studio.

When is my payment due?

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required before the first day of class to hold your place in the class. 
This deposit is included in the total fee.  Because our classes are filled on a first come first served basis
and because we keep our classes small (10-12 students max),
the sooner you pay your deposit the more likely we will have a spot for you. 
Full registration is done on the first day of class.  The balance of the class fee is due on this day.

What happens if I don't pay the $50 deposit?

The deposit is to ensure your place in the class. 
Persons who have not paid their deposit are placed on the waiting list.

What methods of payment does ASM accept?

ASM accepts cash, cheque or eTransfer.

Who are the teachers at ASM Performing Arts?

Our instructors are working professionals. They're out there working in Film, TV and Theatre,
which makes them an excellent resource for our students because they can offer real advice
on the business of acting,

How many people are in your classes?

We try to keep our classes small so that you get as much personal instruction as we can give.
Normally, the class size ranges from 8 to 12 students.

What if I am absent for a class?

If you do miss a class, your teacher will try to catch you up in the remaining classes.

What do I need to attend an ASM class?
A desire to learn. A notebook and pen along with comfortable clothes
and of course, your imagination.

I'm new at this but other people in the class have experience. Should I be in this class?

Our classes are geared to accommodate people at all levels of experience.

What languages are ASM classes offered in?

Our classes are offered in English,  
Many of our students do not have English as their first language and they do just fine. 
The craft of acting relies heavily on behaviour, on gesture, and on intention;
so spoken language is just a part of the overall craft.

Does ASM offer a diploma or certificate?

ASM does not offer a diploma or certificate. 
But having our studio on your resumé is a big plus.

Is there a waiting list for classes at ASM?

If the class you wish to take is full you can put your name on the waiting list
and we will contact you the next time that the class is offered. 
If you are interested in a class that is not currently scheduled,
you can put your name on the waiting list for that class,
and when we have enough students to begin the class we will contact you.

Can I take more than one class at a time?

Many of our students take more than one class at a time.
You can sit down with us and we can discuss your specific needs together.

Can I gift someone with an ASM Class?

Yes indeed.  You may purchase a gift certificate for any of our classes,
or if you prefer to remain anonymous we will administer and relay your gift in all confidence.

Can you get me an agent?

We are not an agency nor is ASM affiliated with any agents.
We will gladly offer you some insight on how to go about finding a good agent.

Can I get work after taking only one class?

There's no rule saying you can't and anything is possible.
Great actors never stop training.
One class does not an actor make.

How do I get information about all the different classes you offer?

Read about our classes by clicking on Class Descriptions.

How do I know which classes are currently being offered?

Find out which classes are currently being offered by clicking on Upcoming Classes.

Where can I find registration information?

Just click on How To Register.

How can I find out what events are happening at ASM?

Click on Upcoming Events.

Is there anyone at ASM who can help me with an audition?

A few of our instructors offer private coaching outside of regular class time.
Their rates are very reasonable and their abilities are extraordinary. 
Drop us an email or leave us a phone message

and we'll try to get you connected.

Are there casting calls for ASM students?

We often receive casting notices for local film and stage projects. 
You can get that info by clicking on the Casting Notices tab.

Is ASM Performing Arts a recognized school?

ASM is highly regarded by the professional community, by our students,
and by the casting and talent agents of Montreal.  Ask around.  See what the buzz is.  

Does ASM Produce Theatre, Film or Television?

ASM Produces at least 3  Plays each year,
and. through the 48-Hour Film Festivals, we help to
produce 9 - 12 short films each year.
Many of our students go on to produce their own projects,
because we strongly encourage the DIY approach to the Bizz. 
You ain't gonna get noticed if you aren't working.

What method of acting or artistic work influences the curriculum at ASM Performing Arts?

Specifically, The works of William Shakespeare, Stanislavski, Samuel Beckett, Beyond the Fringe, Monty Python,
Peter Brook, Keith Johnstone, Robert Lepage, Henry Woolf, Stephen Bush,
Tom Stoppard, Caryl Churchill,
Daniel MacIvor, Terry Gilliam, Akira Kurosawa, Toshiro Mifune, Harry Standjofsky, Peter Hinton,
 Del Surjik, David Kerr, Deena Aziz, Alain Goulem, and Clowns Gone Bad.

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